• June 2020

    Thanks to all of our parents who completed the West Chester Area School District's satisfaction survey at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Complete results from the Parent Survey can be found here.

    • 94% are satisfied with school and district communications
    • 89% feel the schools promote equity, tolerance, and respect for all students
    • 91% feel the schools effectively communicate about initiatives, programs, and events
    • 89% are comfortable raising a concern with a teacher
    • 84% are comfortable raising a concern with an administrator
    • 90% feel the school cultivates a positive climate
    • 77% feel the school strived to achieve the district goals for pandemic remote learning
    • 78% feel teachers made a strong effort to continue basic instruction during the pandemic

    Almost 4,000 families completed our survey and provided valuable feedback. Over 1,000 comments were made by families mainly on the reopening of school. We cannot overstate enough that we are trying to find responsible, reasonable solutions to incredible challenges. We are concerned about the safety and welfare of our students and staff and will continue to collaborate with our community as we work toward reopening. 

    Thanks so much for all the feedback you provide us. Together, we can make learning fun and meaningful.  All the best for a great year!


    Dr. Jim Scanlon