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  • The High School Course Selection and Middle School Course Description Guides serve as resources for information that will help guide students in planning and preparing for their educational experience within the West Chester Area School District.

    These guides were designed to help students and parents – with help from guidance counselors, teachers, and administration – to select a program of study that best suits the student’s interests, aptitudes, abilities, needs, and educational and career goals. Questions concerning courses and placement should be directed to the student's guidance counselor.

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    Chester County Technical College High School - Brandywine Campus
    The Chester County Technical College High School is a public high school specializing in Career and Technical Education (CTE) and is available for students in grades 9 through 12. All CTE programs at the Brandywine Campus are designated as High Priority Occupations (HPO) by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and are aligned with the Pennsylvania State Academic Standards and national industry certifications. Students attending these programs attend their regular high school for half a
    day, and receive transportation to TCHS for the second half of their school day.

2017-18 Middle School Course Description Guide

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