School hours are 9:10 AM to 3:40 PM.  Pupils arriving late should report to the office. Children cannot be dropped off at school before the "official" District drop off time of 8:30 am.? There is no supervision until this time.

    Teacher Hours are 8:20 am - 3:50pm


    Parents and students are asked not to call the schools or administrative offices for information on school closings for inclement weather or other emergencies. This information is available through the following sources:

    District telephone: 484-266-1000 (recorded message)

    Web Page: (use 19380 as the ZIP code). This Internet address may also be accessed through the district’s Web page.

    Radio Stations: (Closing number is 851) WCOJ (1420)
    WILM (1450)
    WDEL (1150)
    KYW (1060)

    Television Stations:

    Fox TV (Channel 29)
    CBS/KYW (Channel 3)
    ABC (Channel 6)
    NBC (Channel 10)

    Closing information will be announced over the Philadelphia radio stations using the district number 851. Delayed openings are sometimes changed to complete closings. Please continue to listen for any changes.


    If the school should have to close during school hours, the homeroom parents use a telephone tree to inform the parents of early dismissal. Working parents are encouraged to arrange supervision for their child in the event of an early dismissal. It is critical that the school have emergency phone numbers for your child. If early dismissal is necessary every effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian. BE PREPARED! All students will be sent home even if we are unable to contact a parent or person listed as an emergency contact.

    Please DO NOT telephone the school: our lines must be open for official announcements.

    In the event of any early dismissal, the school asks that the last student dropped off by their bus to call the school office. This way we can verify the bus has safely completed its run.