Grade 4 & 5 After School Sports Contract

  • WCASD requires Activity Fee payment for Intramurals:  Please go to WCASD Homepage, left-hand side under QUICK LINKS:  Activity Fee Information/Activity Fee & Payment Info. One fee covers all Elementary Activites Grades 3-4-5.

    -Schoolwork counts:  If I am not doing the best that I can in my subjects, I will not participate until I am consistently fulfilling my responsibilities as a student.

    -Behavior Counts:  RESPECT/RESPONSIBILITY/SAFETY are the expectations for the choices I make.  If I am not able to follow the expectations, I will not be participating in “Sports” until I am invited back by Mrs. McGinley.

    - “Sports” is over at 4:50:  I will be out on the sidewalk with all my belongings looking for the car of the adult giving me a ride home.  I will safely get in the car from the sidewalk/building side of the car. Prompt pick up is expected each week.

    -  My family and I have checked the schedule:  We know which days I have “Sports” and I will not ask to call home to find out if I am staying for “Sports” that day.

    -  My attitude will always be positive:  I will maintain a positive attitude while participating in “Sports”.  I will help my fellow athletes and try my best.  I know that any displays of a negative demeanor will result in my leaving the “Sports” program until I am able to exhibit good sportsmanship.

    * Students may start sports at any time and may participate according to interest and/or in compliance with your family other words, students are not required to attend every session

    By signing this contract I agree to all of the information listed above.

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