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    The WCASD recognizes the need for choice in education because there is no one size fits all approach to learning. We believe we can provide a higher quality, flexible online education that suits the needs of your child and family. 

    Once a student enrolls at our school, we provide them with the necessary technology to support the learning process, including a laptop. Since students utilize technology frequently, we urge them to take breaks throughout the school day. 

    While enrolled in the WC Cyber Program, we encourage students to access WCASD student support services, extra-curricular activities, athletics, clubs, and an award-winning music program.

    Our goal is to educate and inspire you to achieve your personal best!

    What you need to do to succeed:

    • Good attendance
    • Motivation
    • Communicate with your teachers
    • Stay on task

    What more do you need to succeed? The WC Cyber Program is backed by the reputation of the West Chester Area School District.

    Make the smarter cyber choice. Register today!

    Our Reputation. Our Teachers. Our Resources. Your Education. Our Diploma. 
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