• General Info

    General Music: Linda Mangold, email:

    Band Director: Brandon Olmeda (LTS for Megan Elder), email:

    Strings Director: Madeline Hess, email:

    Chorus Information:
    4th graders rehearse at recess on Thursdays (12:30-1).
    5th graders rehearse at recess on Thursdays (1-1:30).
    4th & 5th graders have the option of coming to rehearsal on Thursday morning from 8:15-8:55.  If they come in the morning, they do not have to come during recess.
    Recordings of the current songs and other information can be found on the PWE Chorus page in Elementary Clips on the main webpage.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page.  Contact Mrs. Mangold if you have any questions.
    Concert Attire:
    All chorus members are to wear white on the top and black on the bottom.

    • White tops with sleeves (may be short or long)
    • Black pants or skirts.  Skirts or dresses must be longer than the child's middle finger when they are standing relaxed with arms to their sides.


    • White dress shirts
    • Ties
    • Black pants
    • Black socks and dress shoes

    No sneakers, sweat clothes or flip-flops, please!