• The mission of the WCASD Health Services Department staff is to support education by providing student-centered care through skilled nursing assessments and interventions. School nurses manage both acute and chronic conditions and injuries and provide a wide variety of medically prescribed daily procedures. School nurses promote student health by teaching and encouraging healthy personal lifestyle for students and staff. In addition, the school nurse promotes healthy growth and disease prevention by performing annual state mandated health screenings and by tracking and reporting physical examinations, dental examinations, immunization requirements, and communicable disease concerns for the PA Department of Health.

    Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with the nurse regarding any health concern that may impact the student’s day in school. The nurse cannot make a medical diagnosis or prescribe medical treatment and cannot administer medications without written physician’s orders. Injuries that occur at home must be taken care of at home. A student should not come to school for the nurse to determine if s/he is well enough to attend. If there is doubt regarding a student's health, the student should remain home and your family physician should be consulted.

    To ensure the best possible care for your student, please be sure to update the medical information and treatment permission sections on the Registration Gateway "Back to School" site at the start of each school year. Please alert the nurse if there is a change in your child’s health status so that your child's emergency medical information can be updated. Likewise, any change in your address and home, work, or cell phone numbers should be brought to our attention immediately.