• Mandated health screenings are completed by the School Nurse annually and at any other time as requested by a parent or a teacher. Student screening results are available for review through the district Parent Portal. Parents will receive a written referral if their child does not pass 2 separate screenings.

    Specific annual screening exams are listed below:

    • Near Vision and Far Vision Test: all grades, every year
    • Color Vision Test: Grade 1

    Detects discrepancy in ability to recognize color

    • Convex Lens Test (Plus Lens): Grade 1

    Detects excessive farsightedness & binocular problems

    • Stereo Depth Test: Grade 2

    Tests for binocularity, lazy eye, and poor eye alignment

    • Hearing Test: Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11
    • Height/Weight/BMI/BMI Percentile Measurement: all grades, every year

    BMI is a measurement that helps determine if a child's weight is appropriate for his/her age and height. The percentile shows a comparison of your child's BMI to others of the same age group and gender. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a consultation with your physician if your child's BMI falls below 5th percentile or is above 85th percentile.