Communication Between School and Home

  • Communication Between School and Home

    • Communication is important between school and home in order for us to ensure the safety of the children. Any changes in routines such as play dates, appointments, pickup and day care situations must be updated in the Pickup Patrol app preferably in the morning of the event but at the latest 2:00 pm. We realize that in an emergency, phone calls to the office are necessary, but using the Pickup Patrol app actually is the safest means of communicating dismissal changes. We cannot guarantee your dismissal plans if you choose not to use the Pickup Patrol app. At the end of the day, we use reports from the application for dismissal.  It actually tells us how each child is being dismissed that day.  It gives us an alphabetical list of students being picked up, attending the aftercare program, and which bus each child is riding.  It gives us a student tally for each bus so we know that everyone is safely on the bus prior to it departing school.  Please use the app.  It saves paper, phone calls, and time for you and the Hillsdale staff.
    •  Absents notes should be emailed to   Family vacation request need to be emailed to and cc to 2 weeks prior to the trip.

    If students are being dismissed together, we need permission notes from EACH student's parent. We need to know that both sets of parents have given permission. Please update Pickup Patrol in the notes section with the parent who is picking up your child.

    If both students ride the same bus, they may get off at another student's stop providing we have emails from BOTH students' parents giving permission.

    Please update the Pickup Patrol app if you require a pick up dismissal. If you will be picking up your child on a regular basis [every Tuesday, for example] you can change the default plan within the Pickup Patrol app to show this change. If a student will be going home with anyone besides their parent or someone designated on their Emergency Card, please note that change also within the app.. Please note that we may ask for photo ID.

    Drop Off Procedures (click here)
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    Please emphasize to your child that it is important to listen carefully when buses are being called at dismissal. If he/she misses the bus, we will call you to pick up your child at the school office.