Henderson Biology Teacher Named Outstanding Educator

Henderson Biology Teacher Named Outstanding Educator

Taylor Patchak Taylor Patchak

Congratulations to Henderson High School Biology teacher Taylor Patchak for being named an Outstanding Educator by the University of Chicago.

Patchak has taught in the West Chester Area School District for the last six years and always knew she wanted to be a teacher.

"I've always enjoyed helping others and love working with kids, so becoming a teacher was the perfect path for me," said Patchak.

"Students make every day different and unpredictable. It is amazing to see them mature from a 9th grader first entering high school to a senior applying to college or technical school or entering directly into a career field. Regardless of their path, it's always rewarding to see their journey and be a part of it."

Each year, the incoming class at the University of Chicago is given the opportunity to nominate an educator who has made a difference in their lives. The nominations are usually anonymous.

"I am not positive of who may have nominated me, but I'm very honored that someone did," added Patchak. "There are so many teachers that are always working for the betterment of their students and going above and beyond to ensure that their students reach their greatest potential in all fields. It really is an honor to be recognized as one of them."