General Overview


    Athletic Director- Mr. T. Swift  

    Athletic Code of Conduct

    In preparation for the next season, there are several things to keep in mind. All students must have a completed PIAA physical form prior to the start of the season. Physicals can be found on the Fugett website. No student may try-out or participate in sports without a valid physical form signed by a physician. Physicals must be completed after June 1 and before the start of the sports season and should be turned into the head coach.  

    Link for PIAA physicals: PIAA

     Athletic office phone: 484-266-2925

    The athletic office answering machine message will include any changes due to inclement weather. Messages will be posted as soon as possible, in most cases by 1:30 pm at the latest.

    If you have a question or concern with your child's team, please direct your inquiries to his or her coach. If you fail to get a resolution, please contact Mr. Thomas Swift


    P.I.A.A. Athletic Form     

    The P.I.A.A. requires that a student have a physical examination for fall sports no earlier than June 1. For sports in the winter or spring, the re-evaluation or certification shall not be performed earlier than 6 weeks prior to the start of the first practice for that sport. The student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for obtaining all physical exams. The P.I.A.A. exam form must be signed by the examiner and also by the parent/guardian for the appropriate sport. These forms are always available in Fugett's Main Office.     


    Students suspended may not participate in the Fugett Athletics program. Students academically ineligible may not participate, but may try-out for a sport.     

    7th and 8th Grade Athletics (Interscholastic)
    The program provides for a varsity and junior varsity team in all sports (with the exception of softball which is a combined 7/8th grade team) and is very traditional in nature.  

    6th Grade Athletics (Intramural)

    The 6th grade sports program, composed of only 6th grade students, will be held after school or during lunch time. This program will focus on basic skills and provide competition within school. If possible, a culminating activity between the three West Chester middle schools will be planned. The sports offerings in this program are as follows: Basketball, Soccer, Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

    All 6th grade participants must have a physical examination PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION. This physical exam will be valid for the entire school year unless the student has had a serious illness/injury. In that case, a recertifying physical would be necessary. The original physical may be performed concurrently with the 6th grade entrance physical. The required form was included with the 5th grade final report card. Forms are also available in Fugett's Main Office. The 6th grade intramural form MUST BE SIGNED by the parent/guardian for the appropriate sport(s). These forms are also available in the main office.     
    NOTE: The West Chester Area School District's insurance policy does not cover accidents or injuries in the 6th grade sports program. If any injury occurs, the medical bills would need to be covered by your personal insurance.


    Athletic Department Philosophy
    The Fugett Middle School Athletic Program is comprised of a 7th grade and an 8th grade program.  

    The eighth grade program is a program designed for just eighth graders. In rare exceptions (ie. safety reasons or due to low number of participants) will seventh graders be permitted to play on the same team with 8th graders. This is only with the permission of the Athletic Director. If this were to occur the opposing coach will be notified.

    Because in many cases the 7th grade program is an "exposure" program, winning should not be paramount. Instead, within each coach's discretion all players should have an opportunity to participate.  

    Each coach and student athlete will consistently demonstrate positive character and good sportsmanship.  

    In accordance with the PIAA rules, student athletes must meet eligibility requirements in order to participate.

    Taunting the opposing player/team, running up the score, booing or hissing while a player is attempting a shot, or intentionally showing up the other coach or team is forbidden.

    Spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which would make their parents proud.