• Guidance I

    Students carefully examine the first three of Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and take part in several character education activities as they learn to become personally responsible for the quality of their present and future endeavors in academic, personal, and social domains.  Numerous study skills including time management, test taking, study environment, effective note taking techniques, and writing strategies are revealed to students to enhance their overall approach to school.  Career awareness is launched using the Coin Community Career Development Program as students investigate the 16 career clusters, complete on-line interest inventories, and begin to formulate future career choices based on personal input. 


    Guidance II

    Developing a comprehensive four-year plan of study for high school is the focus at the beginning of this course.  Life skills training is stressed with students learning how to make proper decisions, effectively dealing with anger and anxiety, assertiveness skills, and strong communication skills, and other important social skills. Students will further review the Coin Community Career Development Program with activities that build upon each student’s career portfolio.