Language Arts

  • Fugett Middle School’s Language Arts curriculum is comprised of two subjects on each grade level, English, and Reading.  All sixth-grade students must take both courses.  Seventh and eighth-grade students take English and may take reading.  Some students also qualify for Reading Plus, which is a remedial level course.


    The English curriculum on each grade level addresses the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Academic Standards.  Grammar, vocabulary, literature, and composition are studied through thematic units.  The texts used are published by Prentice Hall.  Each year at least four complete writing process pieces and three domain scored prompts are assigned.  English is grouped into Level Two, Level One, and Accelerated classes in each grade.


    Strategic Reading is taught to all sixth graders and some seventh graders. The focus of the sixth-grade class is getting organized for middle school success and in seventh-grade developing the flexibility to use different strategies when reading in the content area. Understanding the author's purpose for writing is critical in determining how text will be read.

    Reading Plus

    Students in all grades whose scores on the PSSA Reading test fall into the basic and below basic levels are placed in Reading Plus. This class is designed to meet the individual needs of the students who qualify.

    Reading and Writing for Life

    Eighth graders may choose this elective. In addition to developing further skills in reading, writing, and oral communication, students explore such topics as advertising, budgets, and law.