Are you having trouble sending/receiving emails to the WCASD? Here's what to do:

  • If you have unsubscribed from school or district email service - Click here to Resubscribe to School/District Email Service

    If you need to update your email in the Parent Portal - contact the school secretary or high school guidance counselor.

    If you're having trouble submitting an email to WCASD, please fill out the form below - Click here for Rejected E-mail Request Form
    The form has a section where you can paste the rejected error message you've received. This message will assist us in determining the cause of the rejection and preventing the same error from occurring again in the future. If your recent e-mail was rejected by our e-mail servers, it is likely due to the spam and anti-virus filters in place at WCASD. Each message is put through a battery of tests to ensure authenticity.

    The following suggestions will help your e-mails appear less like spam and thus escape spam filters:

    • Instead of replying to an e-mail, compose a new message.
      (You can copy and paste e-mail address from another e-mail. Do NOT copy from the body of the message.)
    • If your e-mail program has the option, compose your message in plain text. Next best format would be HTML.
    • Make sure you fill in the subject line. Avoid using words such as “hello”, “hi”.
    • Keep your message simple. Formatting to stay away from includes
    • Special font
    • Large size font
    • Colors and/or backgrounds
    • Refrain from including hyperlinks.
    • Refrain from including any photos.