Transportation Overview

  • School Bus

    The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting 15,663 students to 17 public schools and 127 non-public and charter schools over 75 square miles each day.

    Our bus service is contracted with George Krapf Jr. & Sons and On the Go Kids, Inc. Although our contracted carriers supply the drivers and buses, the West Chester Area School District generates the annual bus routes using a computerized routing software package and develops transportation policies and guidelines.

    The Transportation Dept. maintains comprehensive records including daily miles driven and number of students on each bus. The PA Dept. of Education uses this information to calculate a state subsidy for a portion of our transportation costs.

Who Do I Call for a Transportation Issue?

  • Transportation Administration Office
    Please call the administration office regarding the following:

    • bus routes, bus stop locations, walking routes, differences in scheduled vs. actual ride times, bus load counts, interpretation of school district transportation policies.
    • For calls regarding buses that do not show up or are late, please call the school district transportation office.  We will log the problem and, if necessary, transfer your call to the Driver Supervisor Office for further resolution.
    • For issues regarding student discipline, please call the Principal's Office at your child's school.

    Driver Supervisor's Transportation Office*
    Please call the driver supervisor's office regarding the following:

    • driver skills or driver performance, missing students, lost or forgotten items, bus equipment
    • For serious or unresolved issues regarding the above questions, please call the Transportation Administration Office.
    • For issues regarding a missing student, parents can also call the Principal's Office at the child's school.

    *George Krapf, Jr. & Sons, Inc./On the Go Kids, Inc.

How Do I Contact the Transportation Offices?

  • Contact Information for Transportation Administration Office
    Office Hours:  M-F, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Office Telephone Number:  484-266-1040 (will ring to all phones in the office)
    Transportation Office Fax Number:  484-266-1181

    Michele Porco, Transportation Manager,
    April McCoy, Assistant Transportation Manager,
    Cindy Elvin, Transportation Technician,

    Contact Information for Driver Supervisor's Transportation Office
    Office hours:  M-F, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Driver Supervisor Office Number:  610-594-2664 Ext 2375 (will ring to all phones in the office)
    Driver Supervisor Fax Number:  610-431-2629
    Michelle Creekmur, Trip Coordinator, Ext. 2314

Driver Supervisors for On the Go Kids, Inc. Bus #200-299

  • Office Telephone Number:  610-873-7787
    Office Fax Number:  484-879-6434

    Steve Dilworth, District Supervisor,