Pennsylvania Seal of Biliteracy (PASB)

  • In 2022, Pennsylvania joined the majority of states in offering students the Seal of Biliteracy.  The Pennsylvania Seal of Biliteracy (PASB) recognizes students that have demonstrated proficiency in two more more languages by their graduation from high school.  

Purpose of the PASB

  • The purpose of Pennsylvania’s Seal of Biliteracy is to:  

    • recognize the value of world language and dual language programs in Pennsylvania schools;  
    • affirm the value of cultural and linguistic diversity in our schools and communities;  
    • encourage family and community support for the development of home languages other than English, as well as the study of additional world languages and cultures;  
    • encourage all students to acquire proficiency in English and another world language;  
    • certify intermediate-high proficiency in English and another world language;  
    • provide employers with a method of identifying candidates with biliteracy skills;  
    • provide universities with a method to recognize biliterate students; and
    • promote civic and global engagement.

Benefits of the PASB

    • Potential for college credit
    • Higher Pay
    • Study Abroad opportunities
    • Military / Corporate Advancement

School Board Presentation on PASB

  • For additional information regarding this program, watch the presentation on PASB to the WCASD School Board. The presentation is just over 10 minutes in length.