Helpful Phone Guides

  • Please see the West Chester Phone Reference Guide in PDF for setting up voicemail and to learn more about your new NEC classroom or office phone.

    Instructions for downloading telephone software to your computer and Outlook client - Click here
    Important Notes: You must be in the District to access the Software Center. The instructions in this document are generic. You will be looking for UC 700 software.

    To configure your software to allow you to check voicemail from Outlook while in the network- Click here

    Mac users: Please note that this software is NOT available for Mac. There is a web-based solution with similar functionality at Select Use Windows Authentication to log on.

    Click here to view a 5-minute video about how to operate the new phone and basic features. Note that the video is generic. Any reference to pressing 9 or 0 for an outside line will not apply to us. Continue to press 88 for an outside line. Consult the Reference Guide for more information.

    Download the NEC mobile client for iPhone

    Download the NEC mobile client for Android

    Contact technical support for configuration information.