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WCASD Staff Member Honored as Pediatric Therapeutic Services Provider of the Year

Occupational Therapist Mary Adolf recognized for dedication, expertise, and positive impact on school community.

Mary Adolf, an experienced occupational therapist, has been honored with the inaugural Provider of the Year award from Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS), a Kelly Education Company. PTS is a school-based therapeutic staffing agency that connects skilled therapists with special education programs in partnering districts across Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Florida. This prestigious award acknowledges Mary’s exceptional achievements, unwavering dedication, and positive influence on her students, colleagues, and the school community. As part of the recognition, Mary will receive a $5,000 bonus plus an additional $1,500 to give to the school of her choice.

Mary was nominated for this award by her colleagues in the West Chester Area School District. Throughout her career, she has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to helping her students reach their full potential. Mary’s unique ability to connect with each child has led to countless success stories, earning her the respect and admiration of her peers and parents alike.

School Psychologist Serena Callahan commended Mary for her expertise, passion, and care in providing invaluable support to children with diverse needs. Callahan said, “Mary not only possesses remarkable technical skills but also excels in personal relatability and support.” A colleague and parent of one of Mary’s students expressed appreciation for her work, stating, "My daughter has benefited from Mary’s kindness and knowledge by learning mindfulness and emotional regulation/ SEL strategies. She looks forward to her time with Miss Adolf every week and has shown significant improvement in her ability to manage her emotional existence.” 

Another colleague added, "Mary devotes her days to giving her heart and soul to her students. She is creative, energetic and provides fun activities for her students. Her classroom even has a full-size locker for fifth graders to practice using  combination locks before heading to middle school."

In addition to her students, Mary serves as a mentor to her peers. Mary actively participates on the Exton Elementary School social-emotional learning team, where she helps train teachers to use social-emotional learning strategies and emotional regulation strategies.

“Mary's impact reaches far beyond her students, as she also serves as a mentor and resource for her fellow occupational therapists,” said PTS Practice Leader Chery Haibach. “Her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise has helped to create a supportive and collaborative environment within the school community.”

Mary’s passion for occupational therapy was ignited during college, where she worked as a research assistant with professors focusing on topics such as child development and sensory processing in at-risk infants. 

Mary encourages today’s occupational therapy students to take pride in their profession and enjoy the journey as they develop their craft. “You will learn as you go, and you don’t have to know it all when you hit the ground running,” Mary said. “It may sound cliché, but I still learn daily, even after 27 years.”

Those who want to learn more about PTS or are interested in becoming a provider can visit for more information.

This article is courtesy of Kelly Education and Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS).