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West Chester Area School District Announces Dr. Steve Werner as Principal of Fugett Middle School

The West Chester Area School District is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Werner as the Principal of Fugett Middle School (FMS). This decision comes after careful consideration and evaluation, during which Dr. Werner served as the Interim Principal at Fugett Middle School. Having served with WCASD for 17 years, Dr. Werner brings with him an impressive background in school psychology, counseling, mental health, behavior, and assessment to FMS.

In the last few months, Dr. Werner has demonstrated unwavering commitment and genuine passion for the FMS community. His dedication to fostering a positive and thriving environment has garnered significant support from the FMS community, faculty and staff, and fellow administrators.

“Throughout my career in education, I have always been deeply passionate about student belonging, establishing a thriving school community, and a high standard of academic excellence,” said Dr. Werner. “This new role enables me to further pursue these passions and create a positive and inclusive learning environment where students, staff, and our families thrive,” he added. Steve Werner

The selection process involved input and collaboration from various stakeholders, and we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone for their time and assistance. The collaborative spirit demonstrated by the district’s school board, administrators, faculty and staff, and families has played a pivotal role in ensuring a successful outcome for FMS.

Dr. Werner's dedication to serving others and leading by example, coupled with the enthusiastic support he has received, reinforces our confidence in his ability to make a significant impact at FMS and within our school district. We eagerly anticipate the positive changes and advancements that will result from his leadership.

Superintendent David Christopher expressed the importance of leadership and growth in the district, saying, “Steve Werner's appointment as Principal of Fugett Middle School reflects our commitment to providing exceptional leadership within the West Chester Area School District.”

“Dr. Werner’s demonstrated passion, dedication, and positive impact during his tenure as Interim Principal have been truly commendable. We are confident that under his guidance, Fugett Middle School will continue to thrive,” he added.

Please join us in extending congratulations to Dr. Steve Werner on his appointment as Principal of Fugett Middle School.