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West Chester Area School District Bus Drivers Take First Place at the 43rd Annual School Bus Safety Competition

West Chester Area School District’s (WCASD) bus drivers pulled into Downingtown Area School District’s Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center ready and excited to compete once again in the Chester County Transportation Association’s 43rd Annual School Bus Safety Competition. Over 100 contestants from multiple districts across Chester County Area competed in the event. The competition consists of a written test and 10 different driving events that test the driver’s skills and knowledge while maneuvering a school bus.

The West Chester team, comprised of both Krapf and On the Go Kids’ drivers, took first place. Team members from On the Go Kids included Elise Groff, Scott Dadey, and Cheryl Vogelsang. Team members from Krapf included Tammy Rutledge, Kira Biddle, Thamar Speksnijder, Alison Sload, Dawn Husky, Joanne Cowan, Patti Carey, and Gabrielle Griffith. 

Bus Driving Team

Additionally, four of the top five overall drivers were WCASD drivers, which allows them to compete in the state competition held at Penn State this June. Joanne Cowan won first place, Patty Carey took second, Elise Groff came in fourth, and Cheryl Vogelsang placed fifth. 

 “The 43rd annual School Bus Safety Competition showcased the remarkable skills and dedication of our drivers,” shared Michele Porco, WCASD’s Manager of Transportation. “Their performance reaffirms our commitment to providing safe and reliable transportation services for our students and families. We take immense pride in our team's continuous pursuit of excellence through rigorous training and adherence to the highest safety standards.”