School Social Worker/Caseworker Services

  • The West Chester Area School District currently has one School Social Worker and eight School Caseworkers that works throughout the sixteen buildings in our district.  We have continued with the feeder pattern model in that we have three school caseworkers that will work at the secondary level and are partnered with one to two school caseworkers who work in the elementary buildings that feed up to the secondary buildings.  This service delivery model allows for minimal transfer of families and students between school caseworkers to allow stronger bonds with the families they work with.  This also allows the school caseworkers to work in teams to best serve students and families within our district.  Please click on the link to the left for a listing of staff, locations, and contacts.

    What role do the School Social Worker and School Caseworker play in the buildings?

    The School Caseworkers act as a consistent liaison between the home, school, and community for our most at-risk students.  Our school caseworkers use a team approach to address obstacles that interfere with student achievement.

    Advocacy Case Management Referrals
    Collaboration Consultation Community Agency Liaison
    Coordination Facilitation Home/School/Liaison




    What services do School Caseworkers provide?

    • Information and referrals for a variety of social service agencies in the community (Children, Youth, and Families, various MH providers, medical providers, dental providers, housing assistance)
    • Assistance with applying for CHIP or Medical Assistance and follow up
    • Locate material needs by way of school, community, and government programs (coats, school supplies, back packs)
    • Addressing attendance issues that impact school learning and performance
    • Collaborate with school team, family and students to meet student needs whether it is in the home, community, or school
    • Provide a safe environment where students can feel comfortable expressing issues or concerns
    • Identify and work with homeless families to access resources
    • Assist with residency issues
    • Collaborate with the school and family to address financial issues that may impact academic success
    • Coordinate the National School Lunch Program
    • Identify and support homeless students and families
    • Coordinate with the school and CYF staff to aid foster care students with addressing any barriers to their academic success

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