• WCASD has many students diagnosed with asthma. While the condition may be common, that does not make it less serious. Asthma is potentially life threatening and WCASD nurses urge parents and students to take the diagnosis seriously. Parents are encouraged to diligently follow your doctor’s recommendations for management of your student’s asthma. Click here for the asthma assessment form which both parent and physician will complete. When this form is returned to the nurse, rescue inhalers and even nebulizer treatments, if necessary, can be used in the school setting. The professional nurse who is in the school building every day is the person best able to assess lung sounds and respiratory status.


    Secondary students whose parent, doctor and school nurse decide are responsible enough to self-medicate as the doctor directs, may carry a rescue inhaler, if the proper paperwork and education has taken place. Pennsylvania’s newest asthma legislation still requires that a student who self-medicates with a rescue inhaler reports to the nurse afterward for their own safety. WCASD nurses have found that inhalers that are carried by students are often dirty, empty or not to be found. Therefore, we recommend that parent routinely checks the condition and availability of an inhaler a student carries. Also, we recommend that a second inhaler be kept in the nurse’s office.