Physical Examination Forms

Required Physical Examinations

  • Pennsylvania requires a physical examination be submitted to the school nurse three separate times during your child’s education: on entry (either Kindergarten or 1st grade or new to the district), 6th grade and again in 11th grade. Written reports of physicals performed for other reasons are acceptable, including sports exams. The required physicals must have been performed anytime after the previous September of the required grade. Any computerized print-out from the physician is acceptable. If your child received an immunization during the visit, please double-check that the immunization is documented on the physical form.

    WCASD is required to offer your child the option of having the physical examination performed at school. Permission is needed in writing for the school consulting physician to perform this service. There is no charge for this exam.

    Please note that no required immunizations are given at physicals performed by district consulting physicians. For this reason, the district recommends visiting your child’s doctor for the required physical as almost all students are in need of updated vaccines.

    Parents/guardians have 60 days from school entry to provide either permission for a school exam or a private examination report. Private examination reports will be accepted from one year prior to the start of the school year. Failure to comply with either permission for school exam or private exam may result in school exclusion and possible referral to Children, Youth and Family. Student health records will be reviewed by the school nurse every 30 days. Parents/guardians will be notified of missing documentation and possible exclusion if conditions are not met.

    If you need assistance with accessing medical insurance for your student, please let the school nurse know. Our caseworkers will be happy to help families navigate the various insurance programs.

    There are other options available to help meet these exam requirements. Near West Chester, there are private walk-in clinics, the Chester County Health Department and other facilities. Your school nurse can help with this specific information.

    Sports Physicals

    As of June 1st, 2008, the PIAA began to only accept the PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation form (CIPPE). This form can be downloaded and printed from the web page or picked up in the Athletic Office of any middle school or high school. These comprehensive physical forms are valid for one school year. They will not carry over into another school year. All CIPPE physicals are valid until May 31st of the current school year regardless of when the physical was administered. June 1st is the earliest date that a physical may be completed so that it is valid for the school year to follow that particular June.

    We recognize that this might be a financial burden for some, but the PIAA is not flexible on this issue. Again, all appointments for physical examinations must be completed on or after June 1st for the school year to follow that June. For more information about the CIPPE form, you can visit the PIAA website at

    For Multiple-Sport Athletes – Sections 5 & 6 of the CIPPE:

    The comprehensive physical form (CIPPE) is valid for one school year, but a parent or guardian must sign and return Section 5 of the form for athletes who plan on participating in multiple sports. Since the original CIPPE form will have already been turned into the Athletic Office, parents will need to obtain a copy of Section 5 by either downloading another CIPPE packet or by picking up a copy of Section 5 in one of the Athletic Offices. Section 5 requires that the parent or guardian signs off on whether or not any significant injuries occurred with the athlete during the season that was previously completed.

    If a student saw a medical doctor for a sports-related issue during the previous season, then Section 6 will need to be completed and turned in. Section 6 requires that the student see a doctor to re-certify that the student is physically able to participate in athletics. The entire CIPPE packet can be downloaded from any of our high school athletic websites or can be picked up in the Athletic Office.