Identification for Gifted

  • General Identification Information: 

    Students may be identified as gifted at any point during their educational career.  Both parents and teachers have the ability to start the gifted identification process.  The first phase of the process includes data collection, teacher checklists, observations, and student participation in one or more thinking skills lessons within the classroom.  The child study team then reviews the information gathered and makes a recommendation as to whether or not the child should move on for further testing with the school psychologist. 

    Service Delivery Methods:

    If a child is identified as needing gifted services, a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) is designed by the school team and the parents to meet the child's individual needs.  These needs can be met in a variety of ways:

    • Through the classroom teacher
    • Through the gifted resource teacher
    • Through other staff in the building