School to Careers Providing a Pathway to Success

  • Career Education

    Career awareness and preparation is an essential component in the K-12 educational program in the West Chester Area School District. Introducing career exploration early in our students' educational experiences exposes them to the various professions they eventually enter as adults in the workplace.

    At the high school level, students may choose to participate in a variety of elective courses including business and marketing, computer science and programming, photography and video production, culinary arts and child development. Job shadowing, internships, mentoring opportunities, and work study programs are available to those who wish to explore career options. Students may choose to enroll inthe Chester County Intermediate Unit's Chester County Technical College High School which offers them opportunities to pursue their interests in a variety of programs.

    Career Pathways

    By the end of their high school career, students should have a direction, a pathway to follow when selecting their college major. If they are entering the workplace immediately after high school, because of careful selection of courses and school and community experiences, these marketable students have positioned themselves to enter the workplace earning competitive salaries. It is important to emphasize that students are not "locked" into a career choice at any grade level. At all grade levels, career awareness is the primary focus.

    Career awareness and preparation is essential for each child. Our students should explore their options and take advantage of the many resources and electives that are available to provide a pathway to success.

    Pennsylvania State Requirements

    Economic competitiveness requires a highly skilled and creative workforce. The ever-changing workplace and the need for employees to think innovatively spurred the creation of Career Education and Work (CEW) standards that complement all academic disciplines and contain skills that students must obtain in order to be successful.

    The Pennsylvania CEW standards outline the knowledge and skills needed for students to achieve career success. By encouraging students to identify their personal interests and understand the connections between their education and a successful future, we can start them on a path of lifelong learning. The CEW standards establish four areas on which students should concentrate. These four areas are: Career Awareness and Preparation, Career Retention and Advancement, Career Acquisition, and Entrepreneurship.