Kindergarten 101: What to Expect That First Year ... and Beyond!

Full-Day Kindergarten Program

  • The full-day kindergarten program in the West Chester Area School District is a dynamic, hands-on program that allows children time to play – in both directed and non-directed ways – as a critical part of their school day. With consultation from child development expert and author Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek (author of Einstein Never Used Flashcards), our kindergarten curriculum was built with the knowledge that play is a central component of children’s growth. It helps them make meaning of their world, learn about themselves and how things work, and guides them as they learn how to get along with others and develop the crucial social skills that are necessary for them to flourish. In our kindergarten program, children plan their play scenarios; they take on roles, create story lines, and make props as they engage in dramatic and construction play. Language skills are fostered and children learn to take risks, work in groups, and focus their attention in new ways. We believe that play-based learning forms the foundation for future academic success as our students advance through the grades and face increasing academic rigor.

    Sara Missett, Ed.D
    Director of Elementary Education