Health Services & Nurses Overview

  • Professional nurses (both Certified School Nurses and Registered Nurses) are present in all public school buildings every school day. The mission of our nursing department is to provide the necessary skilled services to promote the education of all students.

    Nurses in schools have multiple responsibilities. They are responsible for treating all illnesses and injuries that occur during the school day. They perform several state-mandated health screenings for every student every year. They track and report the physical examination, dental examination and immunization requirements of the PA. Dept. of Health. They monitor public health communicable-disease concerns and they provide a wide variety of medically prescribed daily procedures, so that all students may access the curriculum. Certified School Nurses take their role as health educators and health promoters seriously as well.

    Parents are encouraged to communicate directly with the nurse in the student’s school regarding any health concern that may impact the student’s day in school. The best nursing interventions occur with the most amount of information. Every nurse’s office has a direct telephone line.

    • East: 484-266-3806
    • Henderson: 484-266-3306
    • Rustin: 484-266-4306
    • Fugett: 484-266-2906
    • Peirce: 484-266-2506
    • Stetson: 484-266-2706
    • East Bradford: 484-266-2106
    • East Goshen: 484-266-1506
    • Exton: 484-266-1406
    • Fern Hill: 484-266-1606
    • Glen Acres: 484-266-1706
    • Hillsdale: 484-266-2006
    • Mary C Howse: 484-266-1306
    • PennWood: 484-266-1906
    • Starkweather: 484-266-2206
    • Westtown-Thornbury: 484-266-1806