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High School Gifted Program

Gifted Paideia Seminar

Students participate in a collaborative dialogue with open-ended questions about a text. The texts provided an appropriate level of complexity and challenge and can include a poem, short story, graph, political cartoon, map, experiment, essay, word problem, or piece of art. Paideia promotes intellectual development through critical thinking. Social development is also evidenced through communication skills. This class is offered two days a week to gifted students in grades nine and ten. Students receive a .4 credit for this course.

College and Career Planning

Each student will research potential careers which align with strengths and interests. The student will work with the gifted teacher to develop an action plan to achieve goals, including researching colleges, summer programs, academic competitions, scholarships, and activities aligned with career interests. The student will also create a resume which highlights skills and experiences. College and Career Planning is offered to students in grade ten.

Job Shadowing

The job shadowing program provides opportunities for students to shadow professionals in careers of interest. Each student will develop interview questions prior to the shadowing experience. The student will also complete a reflection after the shadowing to determine how the career matches strengths and interests. The mentor will complete an evaluation to provide feedback regarding punctuality, quality of questions, and interest. Job Shadowing is offered to students in grades eleven and twelve. College and Career Planning is a prerequisite to participate in Job Shadowing, including completion of a resume.


Mentoring is an extension of job shadowing. The student can focus on a specific topic to learn at an advanced level and complete a long term project. The mentoring experience enables a student to sustain a successful working relationship. Mentoring is offered to students in grades eleven and twelve.

Independent Project

The independent project is an opportunity for a student to extend learning and focus on a topic at an advanced level related to a student’s academic interests. Students in grades nine through twelve can choose to complete an independent project.